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Vision Correction why you sleep. 


  • Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

    Ortho-K is a process using specially designed rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses to gently reshape the front of the eye (cornea) while you sleep to eliminate long or short sightedness.

    Ortho-K provides great daytime vision without using spectacles or contact lenses and you don’t have to visit a surgeon! The lens materials are designed to allow enough oxygen required to be safe and comfortable.

    Ortho-K is also proven to reduce the progression of short sightedness.


    Click video to watch an English Sky News story on Ortho-K below.

  • Who can benefit from (Ortho-K)

    •  People wanting to be free of spectacles or contact lens wear

    •  Children with family history of myopia (short sightedness) to prevent progression

    •  Industry workers in dusty or dry environments

    •  Adults and children participating in sports - great for watersports or contact sports

    Download a pdf of our Ortho-K Procedure Brochure  Click Here


    Myopia Control and Ortho-K

    Ortho-K is proven to be one of the most successful methods of preventing short sighted progression to date. Slowing the progression of myopia is important especially for children with parents who are short sighted.

    By correcting the short sightedness with Ortho-K lenses prevents the eye from elongating and potential risks to eyesight as the tissues of the eye stretch.


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