Our Promise To You

Our quality customer care guarantee ensures that:

  • Should your frame break due to a manufacturing fault within 1 year of purchase, we’ll repair or replace it for you free of charge.
  • If within 90 days of collection you find your glasses don’t work the way we discussed at your consultation, we’ll remake the lenses at no cost to you.
  • If within 90 days you are not able to adapt to the progressive or occupational lens design we will remake them as either bifocal or Single Vision lenses at no cost to you.
  • If within 30 days you cannot adapt to the Photochromatic (changing light to dark) lenses we will replace with the same lens design in clear lenses at no cost to you.
  • If the lens coatings fail within 2 years of purchase due to manufacture defects, we’ll replace the lenses for you free of charge*
  • No charges for prescription recheck appointments within 3 months of collecting prescription eye wear prescribed and made by us.

*These warranties exclude abuse, ‘wear and tear’ and other conditions outside of the realms of normal use or change of mind.


We have every confidence in the quality of our frames and lenses and you can have confidence too!


Free Cleaning and Adjustments 

It’s important your glasses continue to feel comfortable and provide you with the best vision at all times.  Please feel free to pop in to have your glasses cleaned or adjusted.  It’s all part of the service.

Please note:

With modern technology once an order is placed the manufacture process starts almost immediately meaning cancelled jobs will already have incurred charges.  Therefore if you cancel your order once they have started manufacture 50% of the lens pricing will be charged.

  • We recommend that you have a routine comprehensive eye examination every two years to ensure your eye health and that any necessary optical correction is updated or provided for your daily needs.  Request an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination today!
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