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Curtis Vision has a range of different eyewear solutions to suit your unique eyewear needs and lifestyle. The highly experienced, friendly team at Curtis Vision can assist you in finding the perfect eyewear solution.

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What eyewear solutions are available at Curtis Vision?

Everyday Eyewear

Fashion Frames - We have an extensive range of fashion frames in different colours, shapes and sizes so you can find the style that suits you aswell as fits correctly and comfortably. Leading eyewear brands include Kate Sylvester, Tom Ford, Face a Face, Prodesign, Gucci, LA Eyeworks and more!

Sunglasses - Sunlight damages more than your skin. UV rays are also incredibly damaging to your eyes, leading to all sorts of eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium and cancer. Prescription sunglasses mean you can enjoy all your favourite outdoor activities whilst protecting your eyes and not needing to wear your prescription fashion frames.

Computer Eyewear - Using devices for long periods is too common in the modern world, leading to fatigue. Lens technology today can reduce light reflection and fatigue through special coatings on the lens.

Eyewear for Sport and Safety

Ski Goggles - Having prescription ski goggles makes hitting the slopes much easier. You get the benefits of ski goggles without having to forfeit the benefits of your regular fashion frame prescription. Prescription ski goggles are available in various colours, sizes and filters to suit the terrain and conditions you ski/snowboard the most.

Swimming Goggles - Customised prescription swimming goggles make swimming more enjoyable and come in a range of colours and sizes.

Safety Goggles - Safety goggles in work environments are essential; what's more important is that they do not affect your sight. Certified Safety glasses can be prescribed to your specific visual needs whilst working, available in single vision, bifocal or progressive prescriptions. They can also be photochromatic (darkening lens exposed to UV sunlight).

Our Packages

    At Curtis Vision we have an extensive range of fashion frames. Leading fashion brands including Tom Ford, Kate Sylvester, Face a Face, Prodesign, Gucci, L A Eyeworks and many more in exciting new designs, styles and colours are continually arriving. Choosing the right frame takes time and care to ensure the frame fits correctly, comfortably and functionally and our dispensing team are experts in finding the right frame for you.
    Sunlight doesn't only damage your skin , it can also damage your eyes causing macular degeneration, cataracts, ptergium and cancer. Choosing from high quality brands ensures your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays while enjoying outdoor activities including biking, running, fishing or playing golf. For fashion and style we stock the latest designer ranges such as Kate Sylvester, Tom Ford, Sass and Bide. Glare from road surfaces and car window screens can be dangerous while driving. Polarised lenses have a filter which reduces glare and bright light resulting in improved visual comfort. Our skilled dispensing team is able to demonstrate this in store to help guide you with your lens choices.
    Ski goggles with prescription lenses makes taking on those slopes so much easier. Available in a variety of colours, sizes and a large selection of vision-enhancing filters for a wide variety of light and weather conditions, you will be able to see every tiny detail of your terrain.
    Looking after your eyes in work environments is extremely important. Certified Safety glasses are available in single vision, bifocal or progressive prescriptions and can additionally be photochromatic (darkening lens when exposed to UV sunlight). This allows us to prescribe appropriately depending on your visual needs while working. Various frame styles are available to choose from depending on the level of protection required.
    With so much time spent on devices in the modern world it is common for your eyes to become fatigued and sore. We tend to blink less often when staring at computer screens for long periods. Lens technology today means we can provide eyewear more specific for computer use and can include coatings to reduce light reflection and fatigue.
    Make your swimming more enjoyable by wearing prescription swimming goggles. These are available customised with your full prescription or spherical lens options in a variety of colours and sizes.
    We have package deals for all budgets with Frame and single vision lenses eg reading or distance spectacles, starting from $229. Choose from a selected range of frames and we will fit with standard single vision lenses (special conditions apply).
    We have package deals for all budgets with frame and bifocal lenses. Choose from a selected range of frames and we will fit with bifocal lenses (special conditions apply).
    We have package deals for all budgets with frame and progressive lenses. Choose from a selected range of frames and we will fit with progressive lenses (special conditions apply).

Our Brands

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